Zoo Leipzig - Africa

Zoo Leipzig - Africa

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Zoo Leipzig - Africa i live3 nearly leipzig ,but you didnt showed the best
Muito lindo!
Ffion and David 😘😘😘😘
That's either a guy in a lion suit or some next level CGI.
Zoo leipzig i were there so many times
So cute animals & music
Ti vole
I would be surprised if they blow dried the lion's mane. Its a magnificent mane.
ganan dhaliwal e
What is it with that enervating music? Part of the zoo experience?
You'd oo

"Why did GOD have to bless me with a whore"...followed by European still of billie jean...
That male lion looks old
8:14 john hanna's coat in the feet of the monkey...but they use computers to digatly remove the hat the monkey got on his head....he got sick with tetanus and almost died...and the animals(apes)took his clothes and. Needles from inside his jacket.,,.all because the ALIEN 👽 WAS SLEEP WALKING IN THE SUB LEVELS OF THE EARTH..AND TOUCHED ONE OF THE ROOTS OF DAVID(FROM THE BIBLE NOT A PERSON BUT A ROOT)and infected the whole earth with TETANUS!
please think my video about