Zoo Leipzig - Africa

Zoo Leipzig - Africa

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Zoo Leipzig - Africa So cute animals & music
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I would be surprised if they blow dried the lion's mane. Its a magnificent mane.
ganan dhaliwal e
What is it with that enervating music? Part of the zoo experience?
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That male lion looks old
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Love lions
Tolles Video, sehr schöne Aufnahmen.
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Kopa PvP . The point of zoos these days should be and usually is the education of people who would never otherwise be able to observe these animals. People will not appreciate or value that which they don't know exists outside of a few pictures.
Most large zoos are also centers of study, learning, and research into the care and preservation of wild species. I suspect that most large zoos do not capture animals, but instead raise new stock from existing. I know that most have breeding exchange programs to maximize genetic diversity and successful breeding. However, without extensive/expensive repatriation programs, those bred and reared in zoos cannot be released into the wild because they would likely not have the skills to survive. Also, zoos may ultimately be the means of repopulating dwindling or wild-extinct species.

I absolutely abhor the capture and abuse of wild animals. Zoos show people that animals are creatures that need and deserve respect, and can therefore encourage people to fight to abolish their abuse and torture.