Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication

Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication

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Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication This is actually the reason why the europeans had a massive technological and cultural advantage over most other civilizations - Europe has the best domesticateable animals, which made Europeans much more productive.
"The pig porkification project" lol :D
This is my favorite CGP Grey video.
hey now because a cat can't be trained like a dog don't mean you can't train a cat still. also cats take time and effort for them to get to trust and love you. dogs will love any idiot really. cant just say that about a dog because you like dogs and then do that with cats now.
We'er top chicken
only problem w this video is that wild horse herds are lead by a dominant mare, not a stallion
I've seen video on youtube of an african riding a hyena. And you are telling me that people cant ride Zebras? Unbelievable.
Hippos hold the kill highscore in africa *dead* literally
And yet we still domesticated the cat...

Go figure...

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say maybe we should start scaling back animal domestication.
Dogs r better then cats
"Trying sneaking up a gazelle? Rhymes with L-O-L" xD
"Because zebras are bastards"
Killed me😂
Question: zebras are either "white with black stripes" or "black with white stripes'???
Pause the video after the first word.
" S H E E P "
Gold grey. Pure Gold.
Your definition of domestication is wrong. You're talking about Eugenic breeding dude.
Thanks, Jared Diamond
Could we not now domesticate pretty much anything? Be it through selective breeding or outright genetic manipulation, I would think actual war bears or what have you would be possible.
Why ur channel name is cgp grey