wolf vs wolverine

wolf vs wolverine

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wolf vs wolverine They get you in that choke hold its over!
This video only shows a young wolf half way fighting an adult wolverine.Now a adult alpha male wolf would kill a wolverine.This have been reported before.Wolverine are strong and beautiful.It not the super animal people make it out to be.
The wolverine is essentially a scavenger specally during he winter. He frequents wolves to steal their food even if the wolf is the wolverine's first predator. Of course the wolverine is brave, cunning and fearless but a wolf is stronger. The wolf in the video must have been weakened because normally it would have killed the wolverine.
Wolves cannot beat Wolverines in general. A wolverine pound for pound is KING OF THE JUNGLE they have everything they need to beat any general other opponent. Killer instinct long sharp claws, hard ass painful bites, they fight like true savages big time etc etc
When you know you should have never fucked with a WOLVERINE of all wild animals!!!!!! Wolverines destroy wolves and almost anything else on land. They are extremely fierce and powerful. They will kill a wolf and have killed wolves.
What a biased shit narration, lol. The wolverine didn’t win that fight...that fucking thing was on its back with mouth open...then the wolf calmly walked away. Once the wolf turned and proceeded to go...I didn’t see the wolverine going after him. This place of full of blinded wolverine groupies thinking their hero kills grizzlies, lions, tigers, crocodiles, elephants, great white sharks, killer whales, velociraptors, a T-Rex, sabertooth cats, sperm whales, giant squids, Superman, Godzilla, the Avengers, Thanos, extraterrestrials, and baby Jesus, lol...
I didn't realize that wolverines knew Jiu Jitsu. That's actually the perfect thing for it to do against a pack of wolves. Getting under one of the wolves would make the other wolves unable to attack it's flank and then it psyches the pack out by tearing that wolf apart.
Little badass
The Wolverine had a solid defense and Wolf had solid attack
So it's a draw
Imagine if the Wolverine was the size of the Wolf?
У меня хорек так же собак пиздил
the wolf is wise enough yeah its better hunt other than fight quite powerfull logan hey i heard that that little brave one can take down big bear
ЯП рулит!
This is clearly a fight staged for television, and neither animal is fighting for its life, or trying to kill the other one.  It looked like very rough play.  That sounds like Marty Stouffer, and he did this kind of thing a lot.  Wild wolves and wolverines are simply too shy for this to happen with a cameraman right there.  

A lone wolf could probably kill a wolverine, but it wouldn't be worth the effort, or the risk of serious injury (because no doubt, wolverines are seriously tough).  Wolves are the #1 predator for wolverines, but kill them not so much for food as to eliminate a competitor who sometimes preys on wolf pups.  Never on adult wolves, who they go out of their way to avoid when possible.
Who will win an elephant or a whale?
that music is all over the place
Для собаки самое уязвимое место это нос.
That wolverine looking like darth sidious after he took out Mace Windu remember he laid back getting his breath !!
Wow that wolverine totally owned the wolf and let the wolf know he coulda snapped his neck easy !! Wolverines are small but have sturdy frames !! That wolf was done till the wolverine let him go !!!
I've had pitbulls, rotwiellers and even wolves. Dude what is your deal with writing a book about how badass pitbulls are. I may be totally wrong but I'm pretty sure you're one of these people that fights pitbulls for your own mentally twisted version of inbread fun. If you are then you truly are a piece of shit. If not then I'm truly sorry, but I'm guessing I'm right. I love guys like that get them one on one without thier pitbull or 4,5 of thier punk ass inbread buddies around and you find out just how badass they really are. PUNKASSES.