The Australian Digger - The Dingo.wmv

The Australian Digger - The Dingo.wmv

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The Australian Digger - The Dingo.wmv It's interesting how they work together to dig a den!
great vid! we have a dingo sanctury over the hill in the bush and I hear them howling altogether alot (Chewton, Vic)
Beautiful beautiful beautiful.
I Love my Dingo.
Cheers Dave ♥
Back in the 70s my dads friend had a dingo as a pet. I have no idea how he got it being from the US
Look at them go at it mate.
My music movie," Doggy Patrol-Goldilock Pure Love!!" is about a beautiful Dingo dog that came down from the mountains and cave catacombs..and stayed...
vietnam love
They are so beautiful love the video!
Na minha rua tem um monte kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Hello,my name is Mirko,i'm from Italy.I've got The Dingo Australian in my house and i wish to know and expert of this animal.

Dingoes r the best thing to ever walk on this land
Olá amigo, eu vivo no Brasil, e tenho um cão com características semelhantes a este animal, gostaria de saber se meu animal tem algum tipo de cruzamento com este animal... 
awesome thank you :)
Much dig very woof such wow I swear to fucking god it looks like shibe dog
Thank you David for posting this.  Dingoes are a magnificent animal.  They are beautiful, clever, resourceful, independent and Australian. 
Everyone thinks their dog is the greatest dog. We've got Jack Russel cross Mini Foxy's and I've never come across dogs as smart as they are. We use them to find where feral dogs are trekking, since we started using them, our catch rate has trebled.
It's a shame but I think the dingoes time has come and gone, they can never be re-released anywhere while feral dogs are so numerous.
They are so cute are they yours
Thanks for that David.
Always good to see other breeders dingoes behaviour.
I have never been able to film mine dig to that extent. I think mine are night shirt workers, ahhaah.
Nice work bro
Thank you David, just beautiful. I hope your work helps the anti Dingo people. This just once again proves what magnificent animals they are.