Koala knocking on my window - Australia

Koala knocking on my window - Australia

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Koala knocking on my window - Australia Let him in!! Let him in!!!!

Or not..maybe he'll pull out a gun n rob u when u let him in. I don't know..never met a Koala before
Me need water
I wouldve let him in an gave him a cookie or something
What a funny little koala
Blinky Bill
Dude, those two pop-ups that appear at 1.14 take up like FORTY PERCENT of the screen...

which makes the last fifth of your vid not worth watching. Sorry but thumbs-down!
over acting by that stupid female. irritating....bs through and through...just fucking open the door and let it come in. Give it food.
Hello 😊🐨
This is proof of how much Humans are infringing on the Wildlife.
It must e that the animals don't know where to go, where to turn, anymore.
aww so cuteeeeeeee
Hey!!!! You guys got any water in there ? I can see you.
Know I am a kola!
North Americans are an invasive species in Australia.
A Koala is welcome anytime in my house.
Not cute
Dont catch chlymidia
Say oh my god one more time
I love them so much! So unique! Sad about the bush fires & their habitats being destroyed! So much more needs to be done 😢
How bout that view though (the ocean) too lucky sigh
It wants to rip your face off..