Koala knocking on my window - Australia

Koala knocking on my window - Australia

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Koala knocking on my window - Australia Dude, those two pop-ups that appear at 1.14 take up like FORTY PERCENT of the screen...

which makes the last fifth of your vid not worth watching. Sorry but thumbs-down!
over acting by that stupid female. irritating....bs through and through...just fucking open the door and let it come in. Give it food.
Hello 😊🐨
This is proof of how much Humans are infringing on the Wildlife.
It must e that the animals don't know where to go, where to turn, anymore.
aww so cuteeeeeeee
Hey!!!! You guys got any water in there ? I can see you.
Know I am a kola!
North Americans are an invasive species in Australia.
A Koala is welcome anytime in my house.
Not cute
Dont catch chlymidia
Say oh my god one more time
I love them so much! So unique! Sad about the bush fires & their habitats being destroyed! So much more needs to be done 😢
How bout that view though (the ocean) too lucky sigh
It wants to rip your face off..
"Hey, do you mates have any trees in there?"
The Koala Bear knows exactly what it's doing. It's a koalafied house inspector.
why didnt you give him water??
"Don't ever sweet-heart me, hooman!"
Koala are good and cute!