Fearless Honey Badger takes on 6 Lions.

Fearless Honey Badger takes on 6 Lions.

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Fearless Honey Badger takes on 6 Lions. now I wish I was a honey badger
Honey badger don’t give a shit
Did it died! 🎃
the lions are just being playful
So. Anyone else have any complaints against Hufflepuff?
I wouldn't say the Honey Badger defeated the Lions. It was more likely the Honey Badger was lucky to get the hell out of there. The Honey Badger just wanted to gtfo there but those damn young Lions wouldn't let it escape. Glad to see the Honey Badger escape. They are the best pound for pound animal
Honey Badger don’t care.
Honey Badger don't care, Honey Badger's pissed! Honey Badger thinkin, these lions have no idea of who they're messin with, I'm a Honey Badger & your ass is mine, lions, you're gonna regret this, Honey Badger is the badest of the bad, ain't nobody gonna push Honey Badger around!!! Be gone lions, this is my place! 😁
Purely Badass
It is at times like these that I am proud to be a Hufflepuff
The Badger is not a tasty meal, if it was it would be dead meat for many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honey badgers the fearless animal on earth
Cute! I like them, the way they waffle straight into a fight, bit like wolverine, another tough nut
Honey badger dont take no shit..
Never thought the honey badger could move so quickly.

Given the size of his MASSIVE BALLS
The thing was straight getting chewed on but kept popping back up like nothing happened lol
I love honey badgers, they're like"you don't wanna miss with me nigga"
Good thing lions don't have the tactical awarness to just user their jaws to break their legs with. Can't really defend yourself if you can't move.
May be lions are not hungry...
That`s the Honey Badger for you no fucks given.