Extremely Rare Footage: Pack of Dingoes Hunting Asiatic Water Buffalo in Australia

Extremely Rare Footage: Pack of Dingoes Hunting Asiatic Water Buffalo in Australia

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Extremely Rare Footage: Pack of Dingoes Hunting Asiatic Water Buffalo in Australia Perfect example of were Australian cattle dogs get there witts from. Split the mother and calf from the herd then took turns keeping the mother busy while others focused on the calf. Intelligent team work at its finest.
Huge fan of you, your believes, thoughts and adventure footage man. Who could thumbs down these videos! Outstanding stuff!
That’s insane iv lived my whole life in the bush.

I didn’t know dingoes could do such thing
Rogan baby
Those dingos even look more wolf like than the kind of shibu inu looking ones near people that breed with dogs. It's like they are filling the vacuum as the top predators. So cool
What is that slow music?
It would have to be a damn healthy wolf pack to take one of those. I didn't know dingoes had coordinated hunting skills. Practice makes perfect. Nice try fellas. If they tried it that time they must have had some luck in the past. That couldn't have been the first time dingoes have tried that.
never seen a dingo go after such a big pray
It's amazing do you have incredible lucky for saw this. It reminds me of a pack of wolves coordinating to attack an american bison.
Wotta spectacle!!
This is hilarious!!!One video of wild dogs chasing something and all the dingo fucktards come out of the woodwork beating their chest about how great the dingo is. Yet there's thousands of video's of pig dogs chasing down and actually killing feral animals and no one says a thing. People kill millions of feral pigs each year, helping bring this invasive pest under control, but one video of a wild dog doing it and fucktards are peeing their pants.
Really cool footage, I have only heard of this kind of behavior through anecdotal evidence, but seeing it is a completely different experience.
Interesting that the dingo has learned to hunt an introduced species such as the Buffalo. I have heard recently that crows, have learned to eat cane toads, by turning them upside down and eating the safe bits. Shows how intelligent these creatures really are!
as an aussie cheers Donnie, we hardly ever see footage of dingos hunting
They can literally step on those little dogs and they’ll die.
Now if only the aussie government can show the same initiative that the Dingos and Crocs are when it comes to hunting ferals. Now if can we just reintroduce the Tassie Devils and Quolls back to the mainland so they can take on feral cats, foxes, rabbits and rats that would be great.
Donnie I want to buy a new hat :D
You can look at this in another way, it could be cattle dogs rounding up some cattle.
Cattle dogs go in and bite hard on the hock or the nose.
These dingo pups were just playing chasey.
Wearing a beanie in the Northern Territory??
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