‘Dingo’s Got My Baby’: Trial by Media | Retro Report | The New York Times

‘Dingo’s Got My Baby’: Trial by Media | Retro Report | The New York Times

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‘Dingo’s Got My Baby’: Trial by Media | Retro Report | The New York Times How convenient, they found the outer jacket 200 feet away 3 years later.
Honestly, choosing Meryl Streep to play her was what made it a joke, not that Americans dont know what a dingo is, maybe foreigners think shes a serious actress?
I know for a fact that a coyote would take a baby if left unattended. And y'all are questioning a dingo ????
You eat dingo food. Dingo eat you. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
This is a tragedy all around. She lost a child, and was taken from her newborn baby (an hour after birth - so wrong and unhealthy!), plus she served time for no reason. May her child rest in peace <3
Fun fact that the new york times will never tell you: Marina Abromovich was camping at Ayers rock at the same time this was happening and when they found the clothes years later the clothes had no dingo saliva or blood on them
Murder or paid to murder ?
Okay.. but who takes a NINE WEEK old baby camping in the first place?
Am I missing something here or what?

Also when a child is that young in order for an animal to take them they are obviously not being supervised or watched right?

I've been living with my sister-in-law and helping with taking care of my nine month old niece and she still needs to be watched at all hours of the day so wtf was the family doing for their child to be taken by an animal?

it’s a joke
Elaine! LOL
New York Times with the dumb SJW articles on catchphrases that are offensive, apparently. “The New York Times is a fat girls diary”.
How does a Hostess cake attack a baby? I don’t understand.
11:34 The 2nd black guy knows what's going on!
Back in 2014, the NYT was aware how a biased media could taint due process and destroy public confidence, thereby guiding mobs to form and sedition and insurrection reign. But that was 4 years ago. Nowadays the NYT LEADS in the Marxist use of media to do just that, where ever they can, with no restraint or quality control. Whoever their editors are now, they have ZERO loyalty except to money, power and their... higher purpose to degrade America into a third level Marxist state.
I watched this waiting for the Tropic Thunder scene
8:23 That woman looks like Meryl Streep
seinfeld brought me here
Lindy Chamberlain and her then-husband Michael, a Seventh Day Adventist pastor, had three children before the loss of their infant daughter Azaria in a wild animal attack. Her real "offence" consisted of failing to act, speak and even dress in the culturally-prescribed, "appropriate" ways that the Australian community deemed to be the norm for a grieving mother. Couple that with the dogmatism and hubris of the Northern Territory Police and the Chief Minister and the the damning forensic science findings—later discovered to be wrong—of the recklessly negligent Cambridge Professor James Cameron. Commercial television and elements of the press, notably the major Darwin newspaper and the Murdoch tabloids, fueled the public hysteria. In that toxic climate a wrongful conviction became inevitable, and imprisonment followed. After some years the emergence of new material evidence and the competent re-examination of what had been so egregiously mishandled previously led to the quashing of the conviction, and slowly, grudgingly and painfully the miscarriage of justice was remedied. Even so, the human injustice suffered by the Chamberlains and their family continues to exact its toll today.

No country can lay unique claim to the vices of hypocrisy and petty-mindedness, which find public expression in stereotyping and scapegoating. But the Chamberlain case did this in a peculiarly Australian social context. Not since the First World War conscription referendums had the nation been so rancorously divided and the collective psyche disturbed so deeply. The whole bitter affair revealed to an often complacent and self-regarding society much more about itself than even today it is comfortable acknowledging.
In typical American fashion, they take a tragic tale and try to squeeze some cash out of it. Shame on everyone involved in that awful movie, that was just tasteless.