Dingo Meets a Coyote!

Dingo Meets a Coyote!

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Dingo Meets a Coyote! Wow that was our wild animals related to wolves or dogs
Coyote is loving it
Why are they cute 😖😍😍
The official scientific classification is in the process of changing - Canis Lupus is an outdated term as the dingo is more closely related to the New Guinea Singing dog. Australian taxonomists are currently torn between Canis Dingo and Canis Familiaris (source: friend runs a conservation program and holds regular workshops)
If you do Komodo dragons some time soon you’re my dad
I came to this video just for this comment but I didn't see it so

The apex land mammalian predator in Australia is just a dog despite having such crazy wildlife 😂
4:05 I was thinking exactly that! They all look like doge!!
There so small wolfs would smack them
What’s wrong with you who acts like a dog with a dingo lmao
Omg when i saw this they remind me of my dog cause he loke that he is a lab springer spainle pitbull mix and he is my sweet heart
Wow, dingos are usually similar to coyotes both are wild animals, either attack hide ir run away from humans..... how???
I never heard of dingos
One of them should've been named Bingo. A Dingo named Bingo, if you can't have fun with that, then your crazy.
I guess dingos are Cats+dogs
A dingo ate my baby!!!!
I have petted those exact dingos
Aww I love king I love them all KING
Wheres the coyote? I dindnt see it?!