Dingo love

Dingo love

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Dingo love my guy
Any more vidios ??!!
There some sherpard dogs they used in EU so sheep dogs traning there many ways
Some shep protective just walk by some used in moving shep but communicate on threats

Bee good to dingo they do feed on often wounded animals mouse, rates snakes and
Nesting snakes so maybe they will provide safe land

If location wounded hunger animals wolfs dingo will show ways as they are
The nature clean.

On shep new born hard to tell, if some might been in the wild to young or
Grass was rights illnes or shep mom was weaken

Big dingo pack in a way do like big shep pack they under pressure they very
Solitude normally
I loved this video!
Looks like a shiba
Great video.
just played the harmonica for my dingo.... he loves it
Wow,,, excellent video. Thank you for sharing.
Great video! I love Dingo's. The closest dog you can have to a Dingo in the USA is a Jindo which comes from Jindo island in Korea. They are a cousin of the Dingo. I had a Jindo crossed with a Wiemereimer and he was an awesome dog.
Que vonito quisiera tener uno pero mata
I'm sort of disappointed... I was expecting some sort of unique behavior, but all of this is just standard domesticated dog behavior.
Dingo pups are cute and gorgeous beyond description.
Mate your a legend.
Looks exactly like the Indian pariah dogs( except the tail)
I want a DINGO DOOOOOG TOO ! :'(
Wonderful and lovely video!!
I wonder at what age did he find the pups when he took them? there's gotta be a point when they're still young but also too old to want to stay with him.
The Carolina dog , are they more safe with children , because the movie : A Cry in the dark , ( ' 98 ) , cast : Meryl Streep , claim's they sneakily - snatch , and carry a way to eat children , dingo's , themselves .