Curious Koala Walks Into House

Curious Koala Walks Into House

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Curious Koala Walks Into House So cuuuute
wow! I think he just wanted to visit your home , see how u live in there. see jf u has anything to Offer, thjnk him jumping up the curtains was like him trying to climb a tree.. you made him feel welcome and he was probably gonna try and climb up see if He could stay.. (or sleep the night lol but it didn't work Out... he was just visiting to see how u live cause j see them in their house... :-) bless u by the way
I want one!! Sucks they can carry hiv or something like that..
We human occupying their land.
...too cute!
Look at his little fat ass bouncing up and down when he runs. 😂😂
Imagine you just came home from work and saw this random koala walking around your house
Your cat is broken
I’m moving to australia. :’) <33
So deadly they can fight at any moment
You live in the best street in Oz
Fun fact: koalas have a smooth brain this means they are quite dum and they can't solve problems.

How do I know this?
My heart cried when it fell and made the little squeak noise
Koalas have smooth brains and can’t think so I would be surprised if he could drink out of a container
🎶"Cause he's cute as a button"!🎶😉😂😂 Anyone?.
Careful, I've heard you can get clamidiosis from them...
Unfortunately, when you see Koalas in urban places, it is mostly them which get attacked by dogs or hit by a car on the road especially during night time when it is dark and you barely see them. I hope this cute little fellow is still alive! :-/
The koala tried to climb the curtains
Cute video.....
I know nearly everything in Oz can kill you, but I couldn't handle the cuteness of kanga's, koala's, and Quokka's all over the place!