Brave Prairie Dog Confronts Snake | North America

Brave Prairie Dog Confronts Snake | North America

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Brave Prairie Dog Confronts Snake | North America Fake footage
Is Tom Selleck narrating??
0:27 that laugh
Amazing mother and beautiful souls! ☀️ GOOD WORK!
So Prairie Dogs are the Meerkats of North America.
Those are different snake footage!

The rattles are different. There was a 5 year old, 7 year old, & 8 year old!
Omg, the end.
just wondering why the part with the snake is faked worse than a 9th grade school play
I was looking for the version voiced by an American. Why would THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL produce an alternate version of a series called NORTH AMERICA, voiced over by a Limey!

It's called "NORTH AMERICA!" Not 'Fish and Chips'!
they are really nice as long as they are not plaguing you .
Prairie dogs are cutest
mierda podrida
poor snake
It's all clear. Babies, come let's celebrate and trip over!
2:40 epic fail XD
Oh fuck I'm prairie dogging.
It's an odd video. The snake is very small, although this is concealed by artful camera work most of the time. Secondly, the prairie dog is not leading the snake, but attacking it or at least baiting it. You can see this by the fact that the snake is rattling, which of course they don't do when hunting. The snake is trying to back the prairie dog off, and finally retires from the field. I wonder if, like many animal videos, this one was a set-up. You could probably get some action by throwing a small, frightened snake at a bunch of prarie dogs. Abuse of animals, perhaps.
I wonder if a human comes what call they make.