Australian Dingo Vs American Dingo

Australian Dingo Vs American Dingo

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Australian Dingo Vs American Dingo This video does help our Native American dogs. Being associated to Dingoes in behavior is wrong. Carolina Dogs, a breed, are kind and helpful with humans. They have found this dog in ancient Native American digs. Buried with their human family.
So if coyotes broke off from wolves relatively recently to become coyotes then ....Dingo is asian coyote. And american dingo may have been brought over the ice bridge with humans from asia to Americas
The only thing that these two animals have in common is there looks....
Your first caption says 'Indian sea ferrous'. It should say 'Indian sea farers'.
Naming a dog a dingo doesn't make it a dingo. That American dog is just a domestic dog bred to look like a dingo
add the New Guinea Singing Dog.
They are not Dingos.
Actually you can relate them in other way,

Australian Dingo:
According to recent DNA test (Year 2016) it is confirmed that they are the descendent from Indian Pariah Dogs that were bough to Australia by Sea ferrors.

American Carolina dogs:
They also have the blood line of Asiatic Pariah dogs (Not sure from which Asian Country).
Also you may like to know- Indian Pariah Dogs, Australian Dingo, American carolina, Africani Dogs and Cannon dogs - they all share ~50% similar Genetic similarities.
kyla scarlett thank you
There are so many mistakes in this
The Australian Dingo IS canine, but not a dog nor a subspecies of dog, look up the science.
Never heard of American Dingoes in the US
theres no american dingo only in australia
australia dingos are not descended from india infact australian dingos are not even dogs there more wolf cuz they are desendent of the wolf forgot what type
The dingo recently was discovered to be so unrelated to any other canine that it now has it's own genus! They're estimated to have been in Australia for between 4000- 18000 years.
Pariah dog ♡
idiot . . .dingoes platapus emu koalas tasmanian tiger tasmainian devil. .animals from australia only . .australia has sat alone for millions of years . . the animals are very different to the rest of the world
Fucking americans
Australian Dingos (Canis Lupus Dingo) do not traditionally live in the forest in Australia, but in the desert.