Australia's 3,488 Mile Long Fence

Australia's 3,488 Mile Long Fence

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Australia's 3,488 Mile Long Fence The dingo ate your baby?
Sorry, Darwin and Perth.
Perth is a busy city in WESTERN AUSTRALIA
1:53 The animals are zero
Australians need to fix their accent.
Metric please ps I love your vids
dingo stole my baby

I am Australian btw so I can this shit

emu is pronounced eem-yoo
Australia: The Donald Trump that Donald Trump couldn't be.
Yes I’m Australian and those dingos are huge pests and have killed at least a quarter of my sheep paddock before I bought a whole new paddock and also most people live in the fertile area is cos two of the biggest city’s are there aaaaand the capitals is there
Donald Trump wants to know your location.
Have the libtards complained yet? Looks a bit run down, do you guys need Trump to go down there to build it for you and help Male Australia Great Again?
i will build a wall and i will make the dingoes pay for that wall
Australians are good people, they just haven't abolished the law against pet rabbits yet.
Just to point out Ayers Rock is the European name for Ularu. It's know recognized as Ularu in Australia once again.
TIL: 3,488 Miles long fence is longer than 2 football fields.
Zombie rabbits
it took around 10 to 20 shots for a gun to kill ONE emu and the cars could not faster than the emus as there are no roads
a war with prety much dogs. nice.
Bruh you dropped the hottest verse and never made another song