Australia's 3,488 Mile Long Fence

Australia's 3,488 Mile Long Fence

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Australia's 3,488 Mile Long Fence The start of the video was a bill wurtz video with shit animation
copy Great Wall
Ah, the dingo. Something that Australians actually hate more than emus and people who aren’t white.
you dunno what ya talking about dingoes reduce numbers of foxes and cats which are the real threat to small endangered native animals which is a good thing
It’s longer than 2 football fields

I mean it’s a true fact....
2:31 Thankfully they are illegal to keep as pets in QLD
Australia, Japan and eastern europe are heroes!!!
600million retarded inbred rabbits...

Fucking austrailia
Look if the English can send their prisoners to a massive island, and those prisoners' descendants can build a fence to keep out dogs, why can't America have a fence to keep out Mexicans?
Humans are stronger than dogs so a simple fence won't have enough hitpoints.
For some reason I thought this would be about rabbit proof fence so I suddenly got sad
Proud to be Aussie
How dare you pronounce emu as emoo
in the title using imperial system, but making a video about australia
they eat babys too
Shut your mouth, you are so offensive!
haven't seen the fence ever
The rabbit proof fence
For future reference it’s Uluru not Ayers Rock
But why don't the dingos just go AROUND this fence?