13 Dingo Facts

13 Dingo Facts

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13 Dingo Facts Learn how to use grammar
Dingoes will also eat baby humans on the beaches of Australia if they get the chance.
Huskies also howl and they are also dogs
I petted a dingo. sweet animal.
😞😢 sad that haters are killing them .Awww so cute & beautiful I love them.❤👍☺
You have no idea how hard it is to train a pit bull
Huskies also howl
Wild dingos are not protected in Australia. They are a declared pest in every State in Australia, except Tasmania where none are know to live. Some 'pet' & 'research' dingos are keep by special permit when contained in a zoo or some form of dingo enclosure. The dingos on Fraser Island are not pure, it's a myth perpetuated through ignorance. It's believed the only pure dingos may inhabit a small area in southern central Western Australia. Wild dingos & dingo-hybrid wild dogs are responsible for almost destroying the sheep industry in Australia. Sad fact, but if you run sheep, or cattle or other stock for market, you will suffer dingo predation. It's not the wild dingo's fault of course, but there's no market for dingo meat so the wild dingo is hunted to protect the sheep industry in particular, and other meat livestock industries. For 'barry' - 'this would not be allowed in a more humane society'? I've been on every continent except Antarctica, served nearly four decades in the army (Infantry), fought in four wars & I've seen more death of people & animals that I care to remember. Australians, along with a couple of other countries, are as humane as you will ever find in the world. Although 1080 is used for wild dingo/hybrid baiting it is less effective then you'd think. Wild dingos are very intelligent & some train their pups to avoid baits. Most are killed through trapping or shooting, more the former. If you can put forward a workable alternative to 1080, be my guest, you'll make a fortune. Have you ever seen what just one wild dingo can do to a mob of sheep? Come out to a sheep property some time & take a look at how a wild dingo treats a sheep. The dingo attacks the sheep, usually from behind, rips into the flank inflicting fatal wounds & moves on. Wild dingos rarely eat the sheep, they prefer to use them for prey. One wild dingo can account for 20 to 40 sheep kills in a single attack session. The sheep die a painful and lingering death, unless you can get to them early and destroy them humanly.
You said harder to train then other dogs but there’s not dogs
Dingoes the Australian version of the Shiba inu

Or shiba inus the Japanese version of the dingo
Mostly true, but dingoes can bark but rarely do. Dingoes are treated as second rate fauna  by all Australian governments and little is done by the government to protect them. The government allows open slather bating with 1080, and the toll is huge. 1080 is banned in all countries but Australia and New Zealand, it is a slow and cruel death, taking up to 14hrs in a carnivore. This would not be allowed in a more humane society.
Can you keep them in apartments? Or is that not advised?
we hewl
Would been excellent video if was added with speech 😎
They arent dogs and they arent wolves either they are there own species
I have a dingo! Her name is Yotie
Number 1 fact about dingos: They ate your baby.
Australians had killed many dingoes Does it right?